About WWR Foundation

Our team, being blessed abundantly with world recognized talent, has reached new horizons and is in the air across the world. Having our lions girt about to make sure that no other talent should be deprived of the recognition it deserves and to ascribe peak popularity, this titanic project has been embarked. With profound knowledge and experience as participants and judges in the plethora of world records, this mammoth project of making the world records taste the ever possible success it deserves, is set out.

Uniqueness of War of World Records
  • WoW encourages people to break already set records,
  • WoW suggests new records which people can attempt.
  • WoW facilitates on-the-spot certification
  • Online certification along with the normal process.
  • Wow works through an on-line portal which gets updated every 24 hours for the convenience of the visitors and aspirants.
  • Achievers of the current as well as past records are kept diligently and displayed in the website. Easy going process of claiming the attempted record
  • Back in action – a Minute Concept
  • WOW accepts online applications of record attempts
  • The ultimate decision of Approve or disapprove of any attempt and certification will be taken by the WOW Records
  • WOW Records will not accept any attempts or records which lead to any kind of destruction or injure to Health, Property or well being of an Organization/Individual/Society.
  •  The participant has to send all the relevant documents to the WOW Records office.
  • The Process of Record approval and certification may take 3 to 4 weeks.
  • All the Documents should be attested by the Witnesses.
  • At the time of record attempt at least 2 witnesses should be presented.
  • Along with your all documents witness’s information must be included.
  • At the time of Record attempt the WOW team members are need not to present, yet the authority of the record will be taken care by having an adjudicator/witnesses at the spot of the record attempt.
  • If you have any inquiries at any point of time you can visit your nearest Office or you can visit our web site.

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