New / Breaking Records

Welcome to WAR OF WORLD RECORDS Foundation
Here we have two main categories for making a record.In this page you have the Application froms to download and Send a copy to the Organizers for making both types.One is MAKING A NEW RECORD Another one is BREAKING A OLD RECORD.The Record holder who want to participate this page will freely download the Application we are providing and need to be send the corresponding address of the Organiser.In both the similarities the Organizers will check the Applications filled up and Will update the information ASAP in their web records.
New Record Provide details of the records regarding the date, time, venue and proofs print & electronic media, cd /DVD…etc. Provide details of the previous records including the place time and the adjudicating institutions. You should not encourage Adventures activity that is harmful to the individual or the society. As a WAR OF WORLD RECORDS FOUNDATION correspondent you should not do any financial transactions with persons or society.

Application- Making A New  Record

Application – Breaking A Record

Application  – WOW Awards

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